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Rebeca Zuniga (Associate Producer / Production Staff)

Rebeca Zuñiga is part of the production crew and helps with the social media for Sidewalks TV series and website

Rebeca Zuniga

Rebeca Zuniga

Currently living in Guatemala, Central America, Rebeca joins the Sidewalks Entertainment team to help with the show’s social networking (notably Facebook and Twitter) and is developing new ideas for the expansion of the TV program’s website.

Rebeca is the former director of New Media, a department of the University Francisco Marroquín, where she leads her team in exclusive on-line presentations that focuses on new resources and communication technology. Additionally, she is an editor and videographer for the on-line pop culture program, 120 Segundos; she writes articles for the technology site Maestros del Web; and she pens her own website, RebeZuniga.com, where Rebeca explores technology, as well as her favorite food items, coke and sushi.

Rebeca learned about the growing Sidewalks project while attending a video/TV convention in Las Vegas.


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