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Meet “Sidewalks Entertainment” hosts

Veronica Castro (Host / Producer)

Veronica Castro

Meet Veronica Castro, the host of “Sidewalks Entertainment.”

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Lori Rosales (Host / Associate Producer)

Lori Rosales

Joined in 2016, Lori Rosales is an associate producer, writer, and on-air correspondent. She also writes her own column for our website called “Lori’s SideTalk.”

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Richard R. Lee (Host / Creator / Executive Producer / Writer)

Richard R Lee

Sidewalks’ creator and executive producer Richard R. Lee becomes an unexpected on-air personality

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Cindy Rhodes (Host / Producer)

Cindy Rhodes

Cindy Rhodes first appeared on “Sidewalks” in 1993 and has stayed with the show since then.

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Beau Behan (Correspondent / Movie Reviewer)

Beau Behan

Beau Behan appears on “Sidewalks Entertainment” as a correspondent.

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David Lew (Correspondent)

David Lew

“Sidewalks” welcomes comedian David Lew as a new correspondent 

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Lisa Drittenbas (Writer)

Joined in January 2014, Lisa Drittenbas is a website contributor, primarily as a writer. She loves documentaries like “The Age of Stupid” and “Super Size Me” and futuristic Sci-Fi. “Blade Runner” and all of the “Star Wars” movies hold a ...

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Jeryl Orsino (Music)

Jeryl Orsino

Jeryl’s music is heard on Sidewalks Entertainment TV show and segments. Since 2005, her song “So Many Things” is the theme song for “Sidewalks Entertainment.”

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Mika Abogado (Former Correspondent / Writer)

Mika Abogado

Mika Abogado is a correspondent for Sidewalks Entertainment.

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Jeanne Powell (Writer)

Jeanne Powell

Jeanne Powell is a poet, essayist and fiction writer. Her books in print include: “My Own Silence” and “Word Dancing” from Taurean Horn Press, as well as “Carousel” and “Two Seasons” from Regent Press. She also hosts spoken word events ...

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Rebeca Zuniga (Associate Producer / Production Staff)

Rebeca Zuniga

Rebeca Zuñiga is part of the production crew and helps with the social media for Sidewalks TV series and website

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J.P. Langston (Videographer / Associate Producer / Writer)

J.P. Langston

Sidewalks welcomes talented videographer J.P. Langston has been interested in film / music / TV at a young age. He started to pursue these endeavors as he entered college. In 1999, he enrolled in the Media / Communications program at ...

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Maaika Westen (Former Host / Producer)

Maaika Westen

Meet Maaika Westen, a host for the entertainment project

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Rafael Siegel (Former Host / Segment Producer)

Rafael Siegel

  Rafael brought celebrity interviews to Sidewalks from both sides of the Coast

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Ray Alvarado (Special Correspondent)

Ray Alvarado

Ray Alvarado is a special correspondent for Sidewalks Entertainment An award-winning documentary producer, director and editor, Ray Alvarado is usually behind-the-scenes. Ray has been the host and producer of the magazine series, Bay Area Journal, as well as numerous critically-acclaimed ...

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Natalie Manuel (Correspondent)

Natalie Manuel

Meet Natalie Manuel, a correspondent for Sidewalks Entertainment

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