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Where are the videos of celebrity interviews?

Where are most of the ‘Sidewalks’ celebrity interviews? (UPDATE)

As of August 20, 2015, majority of our videos are now missing. Sadly, 98% of our amazing, once-in-a-lifetime celebrity interviews and segment clips will not be accessible on our official website, due to the sudden closure of a longtime video hosting site.

Maker Studios, the owners of Blip (formerly called BlipTV) and part of the Disney empire, decided to cease their operations with online video sharing and distribution, officially announced in July 2015. SIDEWALKS ENTERTAINMENT, the TV show and website, was a chosen member of their “Pro” service, and Blip was our exclusive home for the last several years with our visual presentations. The loss of Blip has impacted heavily on our popular website and the huge library of videos.

Blip Closing Screen

Blip Closing Screen

As you search our site, visitors will find a rectangular box with the Blip logo and words saying “Sorry, this Blip has sailed.” The box was where the video clip was originally located on our page. (UPDATE – 9/1/15 — a huge empty spot is now the only thing you will see on the missing video player).

Creator/producer/co-host Richard R. Lee is looking for a new home for our recent and archived videos, but there is no timetable of when or if the bulk of the collection will ever be available again.

“For our Sidewalks Entertainment – SidewalksTV.com fans and general users, our project isn’t over,” says Lee. “This is just an online setback. While you will have a less interviews to watch, we will continue to bring new interviews to you. We will slowly bring back the “best of” interviews / segments as time goes on. Thank you everyone for making SidewalksTV.com an online destination point for respectful celebrity interviews. It was an incredible collection of work.”

If there is a particular interview or segment you would like to see, Lee will try to make it available for limited viewing. Leave a comment below.

Some of our clips are available on other public sites, such as YouTube and Daily Motion, but are not available for all of our viewers worldwide. SIDEWALKS will try to keep as many of the recent interviews online at SidewalksTV.com and viewable to the fans.

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