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Roma Downey (2017)

Interview: Roma Downey (2017)

The lovely Roma Downey returns to SIDEWALKS and tell us about her latest project, LightWorkers.com, a new website and digital content platform that will inspire and brighten the world through uplifting, positive storytelling and entertainment.

Video Content: Roma Downey (2017)
SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro talks to Roma Downey about starting as an actress, working as a “power couple” with husband Mark Burnett, and their new website LightWorkers.com.

Born and raised in Derry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Roma Downey is best known for playing angel Monica for nine seasons on “Touched by an Angel.” She played Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the miniseries “A Woman Named Jackie,” as well as appeared in movies “Monday After the Miracle,” “Keeping up with the Randalls,” and “Come Dance at My Wedding.” With her husband, Mark Burnett, they executive produced films “Ben-Hur,” ” Son of God,” “ Little Boy,” and “Woodlawn”; the two-part “The Dovekeepers”; the 10-part History Channel miniseries “The Bible” and the NBC sequel series, “ A.D. The Bible Continues.” Downey is also the executive producer of the animated DVD video series, “Little Angels.” The husband-and-wife team are owners of the film/TV production company “Lightworkers Media” and co-owners of the TV network, Light TV, with MGM Television and Hearst Communications.

Interview Credits:
Recorded: September 28, 2017
Host / Producer: Veronica Castro
Editor: Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To: Lightworkers Media,  Frank PR

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