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(Clockwise, top left): Vegas PG, Nicole Marie Jean, Diana Olivares, Valerie Perez, Carl Sheldon, and Goddess Jules.

Special Feature: Cosplayers

Meet some creative individuals who are dressing up as their favorite characters at various comic / sci-fi conventions. We have interviews with Vegas PG, Nicole Marie Jean, Goddess Jules, Diana Olivares, Carl Sheldon, and Valerie Perez.

Video Content: Vegas PG (2014)
Cosplaying since 2008, Vegas PG is a popular cosplayer in the comic / sci-fi convention community. She has dressed up as PowerGirl, Captain Cold, Mad Max PowerGirl, and Batgirl. She is also an actress, who has appeared in Nerdist’s “Justice League” shorts. For more information: visit her Facebook page

Video Content: Nicole Marie Jean (2014)
Nicole Marie Jean is costume maker, sculptor, and one of the popular cosplayers in the comic / sci-fi conventions. From New Hampshire, she is best known for her outfit as Lady Bane. Jean has created nearly 50 costumes in the past three years. For more information: visit her on her Facebook page.

Video Content: Goddess Jules (2014)
A relative newcomer in the cosplaying world, Goddess Jules won the Best Beginner Costume at Krakencon. For more information: visit her at Facebook.

Video Content: Diana Olivares (2014)
For around two years, Diana Olivares (and with her husband in tow) has been taking trips to various regional cons and dressing up as characters, including Storm from the “X-Men” films. Visit her Facebook page for more information.

Video Content: Carl Sheldon (2013)
Unlike the above cosplayers, Carl Sheldon only dresses up as chief engineer Scotty, who was played by the late James Doohan, at various “Star Trek” conventions. A engineer in real life, Sheldon talks about his tribute to the actor and what he has done for the possible prevention of Parkinson’s Disease. Since our interview, he has appeared as Scotty in a “Star Trek” online series. Visit his Facebook page for more information.

Video Content: Valerie Perez (2014)
At the Big Wow ComicFest in San Jose, CA, SIDEWALKS’ videographer J.P. Langston goes in front of the camera to interview his favorite cosplayer. They talk about Perez’s career, cosplay, her work in The Nerdist videos, and the “Paula Peril” film series. Perez is actress / model / producer and cosplayer, who is best known for donning comic characters like Catwoman, the Scarlet Witch, Zatanna, Lara Croft, and her most popular version of Wonder Woman. She stars as comic character “Paula Peril” in the official film series and has appeared as “Wonder Woman” in The Nerdist videos and “Stan Lee’s World of Heroes.” [See her main “Sidewalks” page]


Interviews recorded by J.P. Langston and Sujoy K. Sarkar.
Special Thanks To: Big Wow ComicFest and Creation Entertainment

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