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Toby Stephens

Interview: Toby Stephens

It’s the last season for the pirates of “Black Sails.” Captain Flint himself talks to us about working on the epic Starz’s series, which will begin its final season starting January 29th. Plus, Toby Stephens will also tell about his next role as John Robinson on Netflix’s “Lost in Space” reboot.

Video Content: Toby Stephens (2017)
SIDEWALKS host Lori Rosales talks to Toby Stephens about working on the epic scale of Starz’s “Black Sails,” his next role as John Robinson on Netflix’s reboot series “Lost in Space,” and how he picks acting roles.

Born in London, England, Toby Stephens is part of an acting family (his parents are Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Robert Stephens and older brother is Chris Larkin). Some of the roles he has played include James Bond villain Gustav Graves in “Die Another Day,” Edward Fairfax Rochester in a BBC television adaptation of “Jane Eyre,” Frank in “Space Cowboys,” Fergus Wolfe in “Possession,” and Harris in “Severance.” He also starred in TV series “Vexed” and appeared in “Strike Back,” “The Blue Geranium,” and “Robin Hood.” In 2015, Stephens appeared in the miniseries, “And Then There Were None.”

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Recorded: January 12, 2016
Host / Producer: Lori Rosales
Editor: Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To: Starz, Platinum Dunes, Zach McGowan

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