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Doris Roberts (2005)
Doris Roberts (2005)

Interview: Doris Roberts (2005)

In Memoriam: Take a look back at our special 2005 interview with actress Doris Roberts, who passed away on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

In 2005, SIDEWALKS host Cindy Rhodes interviewed America’s Favorite Grandma and Mother-in-Law, actress Doris Roberts. Best known as Marie Barone on the popular “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Ms. Roberts talked about the cast and the final taping of her 9-year old comedy series, which ended that May on CBS. The actress, who also starred in the comedy series “Angie” and crime drama “Remington Steele,” also talked about being a spokesperson for Country Crock. Additionally, she gives some great advice for aspiring actors.

Special Thanks to: Country Crock, CBS, Worldwide Pants, King World and Shana Davick and Liv Davick, a Publicity and Production Boutique, Inc.

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