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Special Feature: Independent Filmmaking – Six Feet from the Edge

SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro is involved with “Six Feet from the Edge,” a film where she plays Penelope. She reflects on independent filmmaking and meeting producer Paul Winston, who’s looking for help in completing his passion project through crowdfunding.

Here at “Sidewalks Entertainment,” we have had the unique opportunity of interviewing both aspiring and big time filmmakers and actors. The stories I have heard from filmmakers during my interviews as a host have been really inspiring for many reasons, but most importantly to hear how it all started. For those in the independent film making scene, getting your start can happen in this very place where filmmakers alike ignite their artistic flame.

The independent filmmaking world is one of artistic creativity, innovation, and unique story telling but along with it comes relentless, passion, vision, risk-taking and pushing the boundaries to bring the story to life on-screen. To create a film takes a village of strongly motivated artists and crew and most of all a connection of encouraging supporters who also believe in the dream to help bring a film to the edge of success. That’s the case for filmmaker, actor and founder of Unbounded Ambition Films, Paul Winston.

The cast of "Six Feet from the Edge"

(photo courtesy of Unbounded Ambition Films)

I’ll never forget when I first connected to Paul Winston. We met on a beautiful day overlooking the water of the bay. As I sat with Paul I witnessed his desire and charismatic energy as he spoke to me about creating his independent film “Six Feet from the Edge,” a project he has had his heart set on. He has big dreams of being an actor, but most importantly creating films and growing a network of filmmakers out of Sonoma County.

“I think for us we have enjoyed the process of working with local Bay Area talent and crew and how much amazing talent we have. We think it’s important to get this done and do an amazing job so that we can help bring more independent film projects to our area,” says Winston.

Although it has taken some time to get this film project off the ground, Paul sought out the help of local supporters who have been behind him and his team. Encouraging the local businesses and community to be involved in helping him bring his story to life, he was able to shoot most of the scenes in and around Petaluma and Sonoma, towns in Northern California.

“Our team was very driven and passionate,” remarks Paul, “about working on the project and we learned a lot about what it really takes to make a feature length film.”

Six Feet from the Edge

SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro plays Penelope in the Paul Winston independent film, “Six Feet from the Edge.” (Unbounded Ambition Films)

For Paul, he has already learned the value of establishing good relationships, always remembering what people have done for him and making sure he gives back. Most of his crew and actors have been connected to him in some very serendipitous ways. Similar in the way his characters are connected in “Six Feet from the Edge.” He gives a big “THANKS” to one of the actors, Duane Ram, who plays the role of Lucky and for helping Paul with the process so far.

Paul shares his gratitude to Mr. Ram: “He has been there since day 1 and got me my first modeling gig way back in 2006. For this kind gesture, I have always remembered and always thought about him for projects. We finally were able to work together in film on ‘Six Feet from the Edge’ many years later. I will never forget someone who has done something nice, helped and/or supported me in any way.”

Of course, outside of the film, the connection to Paul happens for me through Mr. Ram, who is also the creator of Sacramento Fashion Week. This fashion event supports budding fashion designers, helping artist showcase their fashion talents. It’s this very supportive drive that connects us all and ultimately got us all working together in some way to share the work we are all extremely passionate about.

I was honored to take part in Mr. Winston’s film acting as Penelope, one of the characters that coincidentally interviews Paul’s character Jonathan in the film.

“Veronica and our cast members were amazing and flexible in working with the limitations we have as a small indie film producer. We all did whatever it takes to make the best film we could.” says Paul.

It has definitely been a journey for these ambitious filmmakers Winston and Kevin Schuh and they are not giving up. There is much more to be done and they have enlisted the help of crowd funding by launching an Indiegogo campaign. There are many ways for people to contribute and any little bit will help out. Take a look at their Indiegogo page for “Six Feet from the Edge,” which will share more info about the film, and ways for you to participate and even get perks for donating.

(Please note: While our host Veronica Castro is acting in the Paul Winston feature, the staff and the “Sidewalks Entertainment” and SidewalksTV.com project are not involved with the film production and crowdfunding of  “Six Feet from the Edge.”)

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