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Tracee Lee Cocco

Interview: Tracee Lee Cocco (Star Trek)

She has appeared in many of the “Star Trek” TV series. Recorded at Classic Comic Con, meet actress and model Tracee Lee Cocco, who is known to fans as Lt. Jae.

Video Content: Tracee Lee Cocco (2016)
Recorded at Classic Comic Con, SIDEWALKS host Richard R. Lee interviews Tracee Lee Cocco about her modeling career, working on “Baywatch” and the various “Star Trek” series, including Lt. Jae on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and various aliens.

Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and moved to California at an early age, Tracee Lee Cocco is an actress, model and stuntwoman. She is known for working on the various “Star Trek” programs, starting on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and later on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and “Star Trek: Voyager.” She played Lieutenant Jae as a regular character on “The Next Generation.” Additionally, she appeared on the “TNG” feature film versions, including “Generations,” ”First Contact,” and “Insurrection.” In the related “Star Trek” world, she played an alien on the online series “Renegades,” which was formerly called “Star Trek: Renegades.” She is one of the few actors who has appeared in most “Star Trek” productions. At the start of show business career, she worked as a model for companies such as Revlon, Jimmy Z Ad, Pool & Spa Magazine, 7Up, the Auto Stereo Sound Magazine, and McDonald’s, as well as a featured as model for Alberto Mousse in several magazines. Cocco also appeared as one of the regular lifeguards in NBC’s “Baywatch” and as Marla on “General Hospital.” Her film credits include: “Gross Anatomy,” “Demolition Man,” “Barb Wire,” “Virtuosity” and “Bulletproof.”

Interview Credits:
Recorded: October 1, 2016
Host / Producer / Editor: Richard R. Lee
Videographer: Rebeca Zuniga
Special Thanks To: Mina Frannea, Classic Comic Con, Steam House Entertainment, Joe Cahill, McHenry Event Center

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