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Ted Raimi
Ted Raimi

Interview: Ted Raimi on Sidewalks TV (2015 Video)

He has a huge acting resume and a fan favorite. We got a chance to talk with Ted Raimi on-location at Wizard World.

Video Content: Ted Raimi (2015)
At Wizard World San Jose, SIDEWALKS host Richard R. Lee talks with actor / director / writer Ted Raimi about his career, roles, TV shows “SeaQuest DSV” and “Xena,” and his hobbies.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Ted Raimi is an actor, writer and producer. For TV audiences, her is best known for roles in “Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” and “ seaQuest DSV.” Some of his film roles include Wes Craven’s “Shocker,” “Born Yesterday,” “Patriot Games,” “Clear and Present Danger,” “The Evil Dead,” “Evil Dead II,” “Army of Darkness,” “Darkman,” “Stuart Saves His Family,” “The Grudge,” “Midnight Meat Train,” and “Oz the Great and Powerful,” as well as Tobey Maguire’s version of “Spider-Man” films.

Interview Credits:
Recorded: September 5, 2015
Host / Producer: Richard R. Lee
Videographer: J.P. Langston
Editor: Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To: Wizard World

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