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Mike Gunton - Planet Earth II

Interview: Mike Gunton (Planet Earth II)

2089 filming days, 117 shoots, 40 countries and 7 epic episodes. Meet Mike Gunton, the executive producer of the much-anticipated “Planet Earth II,” now seen on BBC America.

Video Content: Mike Gunton (2017)
SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro talks to Mike Gunton about his interest in wildlife filmmaking and producing the stunning seven-episode series, “Planet Earth II.”

Dr. Michael Gunton works for BBC Worldwide and the BBC as The Creative Director of Factual and The Natural History Unit. Through The Natural History Unit, he has been involved with over 120 wildlife films, including “Yellowstone to Life,” “Africa,” and “Life Story.” Gunton directed the film, “One Life.” Some of his other projects are “Shark,” “British Isles: A Natural History,” “Europe: A Natural History,” “Galápagos,” “Madagascar,” “Hidden Kingdoms,” and “Waking Giants.” He speaks internationally at media, entertainment and scientific gatherings as an ambassador for wildlife filmmaking, the BBC and the natural world.

Interview Credits:
Recorded: February 14, 2017
Host / Producer: Veronica Castro
Videographer: Jeff Jarantilla
Editor: Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To: BBC America, Natural History Unit

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