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Chase Masterson
The actress returns to SIDEWALKS with a new interview.

Interview: Chase Masterson (2014)

We talked to the “Star Trek” favorite Chase Masterson in 2014. Check out our TV version and bonus footage.

Video Content: Chase Masterson – Part 1 (2014)
In the TV version, host Richard R. Lee has an in-depth interview with the actress / singer about her “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” days, her film “Yesterday Was A Lie,” her hosting a sci-fi magazine series, and her jazz music career.

Video Content: Chase Masterson – Part 2 (2014)
In this segment featuring extended discussion of her “Vienna” audio series, Chase Masterson talks about working on the “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men” and her co-founding (along with author Carrie Goldman) the Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition.

Born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Chase Masterson is an actress and singer, who is best known to sci-fi audiences. For five years, she played the Bajoran character named Leeta on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” Daytime drama fans saw her as Ivy Lief on “General Hospital.” Film roles include “Yesterday Was a Lie” and voicing the character Janice Em in the animated “Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.” In the 1990s, Masterson was the host for Sci-Fi Entertainment and web radio show “The Fandom.” After appearing in two “Doctor Who” audio adventures, Big Finish Productions gave her own spin-off series, “Vienna,” playing bounty hunter Vienna Salvatori. Masterson has released some jazz albums, including “Thrill of the Chase,” soundtrack “Yesterday Was a Lie,” “AD ASTRA!,” “Burned With Desire,” and “Crystal Anniversary: Songs from the Holosuite.”

Interview Credits:
Recorded: December 13, 2014
Host / Producer: Richard R. Lee
Videographer: J.P. Langston
Editor: Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To: Creation Entertainment, CBS Studios, Inc., Paramount, Big Finish, Helicon Arts Cooperative, Chase Masterson.com, Renegade Studios, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, Sujoy K. Sarkar

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