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Interview: Brittany Murphy (2005)

Requested by her fans, a look back at our 2005 interview with Brittany Murphy.

Video Content: Brittany Murphy (2017)
Host Cindy Rhodes interviewed Brittany Murphy, who talked about her roles in films “Clueless,” “Sin City,” and in the long-running TV series, “King of the Hill.” In the 2005 interview, Brittany also talked about the new Crest Whitestrip, of which she was a spokesperson for.

Born in Atlanta, actress Brittany Murphy grew up in New Jersey. Along with voicing Luanne Platter on the animated television series “King of the Hill,” she was in sitcoms “Drexell’s Class” and “Almost Home.” Some of Murphy’s guest roles include on “Party of Five,” “Sister, Sister,” “Boy Meets World,” “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose,” “Blossom,” and “Frasier.” In films, she appeared in theatricals “Clueless,” “Sin City,” “8 Mile,” “Just Married,” “Uptown Girls,” and “Something Wicked.” She was also one of the voices in 2006’s animated “Happy Feet.” On December 20, 2009, Murphy died of pneumonia at the age of 32.

Interview Credits:
Recorded: 2005
Host / Producer: Cindy Rhodes
Editor: Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To: Crest, Harbour Media, Paramount Pictures, Dimension Films, 20th Century Fox

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