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Interview: BoA (2008)

In 2008, SIDEWALKS was honored to have the very first English-speaking, United Sates TV interview with one of most popular international pop stars. Relive the segment with singer BoA.

Video Content: BoA (2008)
In this 2008 interview, taped in San Francisco, with SIDEWALKS guest correspondent (and major fan) Christina Lee, BoA talks about coming to America as a performer and her first US single “Eat You Up.”

Born in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, BoA was discovered at a talent search. In 2000, BoA released her debut Korean album, “ID; Peace B,” at age 13. Following the success of her Korean album, her record company, SM Entertainment, made an arrangement with a Japanese label and released her debut Japanese 2001 album, “Listen to My Heart.” As the years progressed and her popularity grew, she released more albums in both Korea and Japan, including “Valenti” (2003) and “My Name” (2004).

Interview Credits:
Recorded: October 25, 2008
Guest Correspondent / Producer: Christina Lee
Videographer: Ricardo Rangel-Reyes
Production Assistant: John Gilbreth
Editors: Ricardo Rangel-Reyes and Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To: John Kim, Kendall Woontaek Na, Jay Kim, SM Entertainment USA, Diane Blankumsee of Royal D Visual Marketing

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