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Interview: Amy Lee

The voice behind Evanescence’s hits like “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal” has now released an original children album. Lead vocalist Amy Lee talks about “Dream Too Much,” available on Amazon Music.

Video Content: Amy Lee (2016)
SIDEWALKS host Loris Rosales talks to Amy Lee about how many instruments she plays, the sound of Evanescence, and her first children album, “Dream Too Much,” sold exclusively by Amazon Music and features original music for kids and families.

Dream Too Much (An Amazon Music Original) (MP3 Music)

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Born in Riverside, California, Amy Lee is a singer, musician and songwriter, who is known as the lead singer and co-founder of the band Evanescence. The band won numerous awards, including Grammy Awards, World Music Awards, MTV Australia Awards, and Kerrang! Awards. They had a number of hit singles, such as “Bring Me to Life,” “My Immortal,” and “Call Me When You’re Sober,” and released studio albums “Fallen,” “The Open Door,” and the self-titled “Evanescence.” Outside of Evanescence, Lee has been involved with other musical projects, like Walt Disney Records’ “Nightmare Revisited,” “We Walk the Line: A Celebration of the Music of Johnny Cash,” and “Muppets: The Green Album.” She has worked with other artists and composers such as Seether, Korn, Dave Eggar, and David Hodges. Additionally, Lee is the American chairperson for the international epilepsy awareness foundation called Out of the Shadows.

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Recorded: November 28, 2016
Host / Producer: Lori Rosales
Editor: Richard R. Lee
Special Thanks To: Amazon Music, Amy Lee Music, Evanescence, Wind-Up Records

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