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Special Feature: Stars of Sesame Street

Stars of Sesame Street -Emilio Delgado, Roscoe Orman, and Bob McGrath

At Silicon Valley Comic Con, SIDEWALKS ENTERTAINMENT had the only on-camera interviews with the longtime human cast members of PBS’ and HBO’s “Sesame Street.” Host Richard R. Lee talks to actors Emilio Delgado (who plays Luis), Roscoe Orman (Gordon) and ...

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Special Feature: Meet Pepper


Meet Pepper, the first humanoid robot. Our host Richard gets a sneak peek about the robot’s functions.

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Special Feature: Medical Tricorder


We have seen Dr. McCoy used his tricorder to examine his patients on the original “Star Trek” series. Now, Dr. Basil Harris, an emergency medicine physician, and George Harris, a network engineer, have designed a working prototype that recently won ...

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Special Feature: Silicon Valley Comic Con

Cover Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017

The SIDEWALKS team brought back some great photos and celebrity interviews from the Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017. Just added interviews with Sam J. Jones, Marina Sirtis, Jeryl Prescott, Chase Masterson, Matt Frewer and Gigi Edgley.

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Special Feature: Colossus Con Pleasanton 2017

From Colossus Con, new photos and video interviews with Julie Dolan (voice of Princess Leia in “Star Wars Rebels”), cosplayers NorCal Cap and Thor, and Wish Upon A Star.

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Special Feature: Cosplayers, Part 2

Cosplayers Part 2 - Maid of Might, Spoiclk Vegas, Margarita Marie, JD Charisma, Jacqueline Goehner

MORE VIDEOS! Meet other creative individuals who are dressing up as their favorite characters at various comic / sci-fi conventions. Meet Maid of Might, Spock Vegas, Jacqueline Goehner, Margarita Marie and Heroes & Villains’ cosplayers & JD Charisma.

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Special Feature: Stars of Battlestar Galactica (Classic Comic Con)

Battlestar Galactica

We loved them as Sheba, Starbuck, Bojay and Rigel on the original “Battlestar Galactica” TV series from the 70s. Now, we have all-new (lengthy) interviews with these amazing actors — Anne Lockhart, Dirk Benedict, Jack Stauffer and Sarah Rush — ...

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Special Feature: Chef Janice Dulce and FOB Kitchen

Veronica and David introduce to us a pop-up kitchen and a rising chef in San Francisco. Meet Chef Janice Dulce and her F.O.B. Kitchen.

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Special Feature: Self-Installing Car Seat

Self-Installing Car Seat with Mara McFadden

A special segment for the parents! Lori introduces us to the Self-Installing Car Seat. Check out this technology marvel.

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Special Feature – Review: Heroes and Villains Fan Fest 2016

Heroes and Villains

It’s a place to meet Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The SIDEWALKS crew went to San Jose for Heroes and Villains Fan Fest.

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Special Feature: Island Reggae Festival 2016

The Sidewalks Entertainment team attended the 2016 Island Reggae Festival, a full day of performances and fun in San Jose, CA.

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Special Feature: Independent Filmmaking – Six Feet from the Edge

Six Feet from the Edge

SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro is involved with “Six Feet from the Edge,” a film where she plays Penelope. She reflects on independent filmmaking and meeting producer Paul Winston, who’s looking for help in completing his passion project through crowdfunding.

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Special Feature: Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau

Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau

They are conservationist super couple! SIDEWALKS correspondent Lori Rosales talks to Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau about seeing whales and how they are part of the new interactive editorial series, “Captive: The Movement to Free Marine Mammals.”

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Special Feature: Jose Canseco Documentary Premiere

Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts

Famed baseball player and former “Bash Brother” Jose Canseco returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the exclusive red carpet premiere of Bill McAdams Jr’s film,  “Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts.” SIDEWALKS has interviews with Canseco, the director, ...

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Special Feature: End of ‘Star Trek’ Fan Productions?

Alec Peters - Star Trek Axanar

SIDEWALKS host and producer Richard R. Lee on his thoughts on “Star Trek®” fan productions and the new guidelines that CBS / Paramount have decided on the future of “Star Trek” online video community. Plus, a look back at our ...

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Special Feature: Maker Faire 2016

JUST ADDED! New photos of the annual Maker Faire, a three day event for makers and creative people, held at the San Mateo County Event Center in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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