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Interview: Garrett Wang

Garrett Wang with SIDEWALKS host Richard R. Lee

A popular “Star Trek” personality. He played Ensign Harry Kim in “Star Trek: Voyager.” Meet the actor upclose and watch him do impersonations of George Takei, Kate Mulgrew (as Captain Janeway), and Robert Picardo (as the Doctor).

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Interview: Donny Deutsch

Donny Deutsch

Donny Deutsch is best known for being in the advertising world and his business talk on TV, but now he’s taking a new challenge … acting. He is starring in the comedy series “Donny!” on USA Network on Tuesday nights.

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Interview: Topher Grace

Topher Grace

Topher Grace takes a dramatic turn in “Truth,” a film that goes behind-the-scenes on the “60 Minutes” story that cost anchor Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes their jobs. Plus, Topher talks about his castmates of “That ’70s Show.”

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Interview: Rebecca Romijn and Christian Kane

Rebecca Romijn & Christian Kane

Rebecca Romijn makes her 3rd appearance on SIDEWALKS. She brings along her co-star Christian Kane and talks about the exciting new season of TNT’s “The Librarians.”

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Interview: Grant Show and Katherine LaNasa

Grant Show & Katherine LaNasa

In a funny interview, the married actors talk about working together on USA Network’s “Satisfaction” and how they met.

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Interview: Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell

Lucy Lawless and Bruce Campbell

Over 30 years after the first “Evil Dead” film, the story continues in a new Starz TV series called “Ash Vs. Evil Dead.” Lead stars Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless stop by SIDEWALKS to talk about the next phase of ...

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Interview: Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield (2015)

Andrew Garfield returns to our TV show and talks about “99 Homes,” shooting “Hacksaw Ridge,” and what was his first professional part.

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Interview: James Marsters (2015)

James Marsters

He played one of the best known vampires on TV. We get up close with the charming James Marsters.

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Interview: Ted Raimi

Ted Raimi

He has a huge acting resume and a fan favorite. We got a chance to talk with Ted Raimi on-location at Wizard World.

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Interview: Brett Dalton (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Brett Dalton

We got a cool opportunity to talk with Brett Dalton when he was at Wizard World San Jose. Up-close with the new director of Hydra on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

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Interview: Jason David Frank (Power Rangers)

Jason David Frank

We have a Green Ranger! Catch up with Jason David Frank, who was part of the original team of “Power Rangers.”

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Interview: Edward Burns (Public Morals)

Edward Burns

Edward Burns is a talent who can perform in front-and-behind the lens. He talks about his 1960s TNT cop drama, “Public Morals.”

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Interview: Joel Edgerton (The Gift)

Joel Edgerton

He starred, produced, wrote the screenplay, and made his directorial debut with the psychological thriller, “The Gift.” Veronica talks to the talented Joel Edgerton.

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Interview: Mark Ruffalo (Infinitely Polar Bear)

Mark Ruffalo

“The Hulk” himself talks about his film, “Infinitely Polar Bear,” co-starring Zoe Saldana.

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Interview: Sean Patrick Flanery (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles)

Sean Patrick Flanery (1994)

FLASHBACK! Requested by his fans, here’s the original 1994 interview with Sean Patrick Flanery when he was starring in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.”

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Interview: Michael Rosenbaum & Sara Rue (Impastor)

Michael Rosenbaum and Sara Rue

He was Lex Luthor on “Smallville.” She was Claudia on “Less Than Perfect.” Now, they are starring together in the new TV Land comedy, “Impastor.”

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