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Interview: Anne Heche and Jason Isaacs (Dig)

Jason Isaacs & Anne Heche

We have the stars of USA Network’s new action drama, “Dig.” Anne and Jason tell us about the show and playing FBI agents.

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Interview: Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy (Schitt's Creek)

Daniel and Eugene Levy

Eugene is a legend in comedy from “SCTV” to “American Pie.” His son Daniel is known for being a MTV host. Now, the father-and-son duo are starring in the comedy “Schitt’s Creek.”

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Interview: Katheryn Winnick (Vikings)

Katheryn Winnick

She plays the shieldmaiden Lagertha on History Channel’s popular drama “Vikings.” Learn more about this talented and lovely actress.

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Special Feature / Interview: NastaZia


NEW! NOW WITH AN EXCLUSIVE ONLINE INTERVIEW! Popular Greek TV presenter, model and pop singer NastaZia has a released a new song called “Call Me Baby.” She gave our TV show the first opportunity to debut her music video as ...

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Interview: Kevin Daniels and Kevin Bigley (Sirens)

The stars of Sirens

Meet the hilarious guys from “Sirens.” Host Cindy Rhodes attempts to conduct an interview with the co-stars about their careers and their hit USA Network series.

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Interview: Victoria Justice (Eye Candy)

Victoria Justice

From “Zoey 101″ to “Victorious” and a blossoming singing career, Victoria Justice’s stardom keeps growing. Now, she is on the MTV’s “Eye Candy.”

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Interview: Kevin Costner & Mike Binder (Black or White)

Kevin Costner and wife Christine Baumgartner

Kevin Costner and director Mike Binder talk about “Black or White.”

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Interview: Toby Stephens and Zach McGowan (Black Sails)

The stars of Black Sails

Meet the guys behind the pirates. We have a special interview on location in Cape Town, South Africa with the actors who play Captain James Flint and Charles Vane on Starz’s hit series “Black Sails.”

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Interview: Curtis Armstrong (King of The Nerds)

Curtis Armstrong

He’s back! He may be known as Booger on “Revenge of The Nerds,” but actor Curtis Armstrong has been acting constantly in films, animated shows, and TV series. We talk about his roles, including executive producing and co-hosting TBS’ “King ...

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Interview: Christina Milian (Christina Milian Turned Up)

Christina Milian

The adorable Christina Milian stops by SIDEWALKS to talk with host Cindy Rhodes about life and her new reality show on E! Entertainment. Plus, relive Christina’s biggest hit singles.

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Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull (12 Monkeys)

The stars of 12 Monkeys

They are the stars of “12 Monkeys,” a television adaptation of the 1995 motion picture. Meet Aaron and Amanda.

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Interview: Josh Gates (Expedition Unknown)

Josh Gates

For five seasons, he was the host of the popular “Destination Truth.” Now, Josh Gates is back with Travel Channel’s “Expedition Unknown.”

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Interview: Chase Masterson

Chase Masterson

She’s back. “Star Trek” favorite Chase Masterson returns for a new appearance. She updates us about her audio program “Vienna” and the Pop Culture Anti-Bullying Coalition.

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Interview: A.W. Gryphon (What The F#@- Is Cancer and Why Does Everybody Have It)

A.W. Gryphon

She discovered she had breast cancer. Now, she has filmed a feature documentary about understanding the disease and celebrating the people who are fighting and surviving.

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Interview: WWE's Booker T

Booker T

“Can you dig that, Sucka!” Host Richard talks to the wrestling champion. Plus, check out some highlight videos of his amazing career.

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Interview: Gren Wells (The Road Within)

Gren Wells - The Road Within 2

Host Veronica Castro talks to the director of “The Road Within,” a film starring Dev Patel, Robert Sheehan, Zoe Kravitz, Kyra Sedgwick, and Robert Patrick.

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