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Interview: Rebecca Romijn & Lindy Booth (The Librarians)

Lindy Booth & Rebecca Romijn

Along with co-star Lindy Booth, Rebecca Romijn makes her 2nd appearance on SIDEWALKS and discusses their new series “The Librarians.”

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Interview: Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner)

Timothy Spall

Fans of “Harry Potter” know him as Peter Pettigrew. Meet the award-winning actor who is playing the famous British artist in “Mr. Turner.”

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Interview: WWE's Daniel Bryan

WWE's Daniel Bryan

YES! YES! YES! A press conference with the WWE® Superstar. Plus, early footage of him wrestling with former competitor James Choi.

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Interview: Frank Brückner, Lise Raven and William DeJessa (Kinderwald)


Host Veronica Castro talks to the filmmakers and star of Kinderwald, a drama about two small boys vanished into the mountains in 1854, and their return becomes a brutal test of faith.

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Interview: Mike Myers and Shep Gordon (Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon)

Shep Gordon and Mike Myers

Host Veronica Castro talks to Mike Myers and Shep Gordon about a documentary about Gordon’s life and career.

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Interview: WWE's Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes

Host Richard gets to speak with and stand next to the lovely WWE® Diva, “Rosa Mendes.”

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Interview: Mahershala Ali (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay)

Mahershala Ali

He is co-starring in the final chapters of “The Hunger Games” as Commander Boggs. Meet Bay Area’s own, Mahershala Ali.

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Interview: Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz (American Pickers)

American Pickers

“They travel the back roads of America looking to buy rusty gold.” Meet the “American Pickers,” Mike and Frank.

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Interview: Michael Caine (Interstellar)

Michael Caine

Host Cindy Rhodes gets the honor to interview an acting legend. Sir Michael Caine comes to our show to discuss the box office hit, “Interstellar.”

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Interview: The Cast of The Love Boat

The Love Boat Cast

Come Aboard! The original cast members of “The Love Boat” are reunited on SIDEWALKS to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Princess Cruises.

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Interview: Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Finally! After numerous attempts for over 20 years, Carlos Santana is an official guest on SIDEWALKS. Host Cindy Rhodes talks to him about his autobiography, “The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light.” Plus, relive some of his music.

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Interview: Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything)

Eddie Redmayne

SIDEWALKS’ Veronica Castro talks to the actor about playing astrophysicist ‘Stephen Hawking’ in “The Theory of Everything.”

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Interview: Shirley MacLaine (Elsa & Fred)

Shirley MacLaine

SIDEWALKS’ Cindy Rhodes is honored to interview the one-and-only Shirley MacLaine about her latest film, “Elsa & Fred.”

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Interview: Nell Carter

Nell Carter

In this classic interview, host Cindy Rhodes talked to the late actress about her career, how she handled her diabetes, and working on “Gimme A Break!”

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Interview: Maria Bello (Big Driver)

Maria Bello

The lovely actress comes to SIDEWALKS and talks about her Lifetime movie, “Big Driver,” based on the book by Steven King.

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Interview: John E.L. Tenney and Chad Lindberg (Ghost Stalkers)

Ghost Stalkers

Ghosts beware! There are “Ghost Stalkers” on TV. Host Cindy Rhodes introduces the investigators of the new weekly, paranormal series.

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