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Interviews with video and audio attachments.

Interview: Laila Ali

Laila Ali

In this classic interview, SIDEWALKS host Rafael Siegel talked to the retired American professional boxer and TV personality.

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Interview: George Benson and Al Jarreau

George Benson and Al Jarreau

In this classic interview, host Cindy Rhodes talked to the music legends, who, at that time, were making a CD together.

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Interview: Ali Larter

Ali Larter (2007)

In this classic interview, host Rafael Siegel talked to the lovely actress best known for “Heroes,” “Varsity Blues,” and “Final Destination.”

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Interview: Allison Semmes (Motown: The Musical)

Motown: The Musical

She is Diana Ross on the national stage of “Motown: The Musical.” Meet the lovely actress /singer playing the legendary singer.

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Interview: Clifton Oliver (Motown: The Musical)

Motown: The Musical

Meet the talented man who is playing the legendary Motown creator Berry Gordy on the national tour of “Motown: The Musical.”

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Interview: Henry Rollins (10 Things You Don't Know About)

Henry Rollins

Here’s a guy who has done almost everything in every medium. The punk rock icon, author and actor is here to talk about his career and being the host of H2’s “10 Things You Don’t Know About.” 

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Interview: Diane Kruger (The Bridge)

Diane Kruger

The lovely actress (“Troy,” “Inglourious Basterds”) talks about her role in the FX series “The Bridge” and whether she visits her fan websites.

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Interview: Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (Outlander)

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

The “Outlander” novels by Diana Gabaldon are turned into a TV series. Meet the stars of the new Ronald D. Moore (“Battlestar Galactica”) series.

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Interview: Gabriel Iglesias (The Fluffy Movie)

Gabriel Iglesias

“Fluffy” comes to SIDEWALKS and talks about “The Fluffy Movie,” a rare stand-up comedy film on the big screen.

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Interview: Richard Linklater (Boyhood)

Boyhood-Richard Linklater-Veronica Castro

The director returns to SIDEWALKS and discusses his unique groundbreaking film that he and his actors took 12 years to film.

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Interview: Kidz Bop Kids

Kidz Bop Kids

Jayna and Matt come to SIDEWALKS and talk about the phenomenon of Kidz Bop. Plus, watch some of their music videos!

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Interview: Rob Reiner (And So It Goes)

Rob Reiner (2014)

The “All In The Family” actor has turned into one of the most successful directors. Rob returns to SIDEWALKS and talks about his latest feature film.

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Interview: George Takei (To Be Takei)

George Takei

Oh Myyy! George, aka Sulu, comes to SIDEWALKS to discuss his favorite “Star Trek” movie and his documentary, “To Be Takei.”

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Interview: Goo Goo Dolls and Daughtry

Goo Goo Dolls-Daughty

John Rzeznik and Chris Daughtry talk about their popular bands going on tour together for the very first time.

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Interview: Eric Dane (The Last Ship)

Etic Dane

The former “Dr. McSteamy” is heating up the TV screens again in the new TNT series, “The Last Ship.”

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Movie Review: The Signal


Along with an interview with director William Eubank, now check out Lisa’s review of his film, “The Signal.”

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