• Kate Beckinsale

    Interview: Kate Beckinsale

    The lovely and versatile Kate Beckinsale comes to SIDEWALKS and talks about her latest film, “Love & Friendship.” ...

  • John de Lancie Interview

    Interview: John de Lancie

    INTERVIEW RETURNS! You have seen him in TV and movies. Meet the talented actor, who became known as “Q” from the classic sci-fi TV series, “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  ...

  • Julianne Hough (2010)

    Interview: Julianne Hough (2010)

    RETURN! VIEWERS REQUEST! Watch the lovely Julianne Hough in her 1st appearance on SIDEWALKS, back in 2010. ...

  • Lorene Scafaria and Susan Sarandon

    Interview: Susan Sarandon and Lorene Scafaria (The Meddler)

    Veronica has an interview with the one-and-only Susan Sarandon and the talented Lorene Scafaria, the director of their new film, “The Meddler.” ...

  • Doris Roberts (2005)

    Interview: Doris Roberts (2005)

    In Memoriam: Take a look back at our special 2005 interview with actress Doris Roberts, who passed away on Sunday, April 17, 2016. ...

  • Hugh Dancy (2016)

    Interview: Hugh Dancy [The Path]

    Hugh Dancy is fan favorite with roles in “Ella Enchanted,” “Elizabeth I,” and TV’s “Hannibal.” Now, he is taking on the role of a cult leader in the Hulu series, “The Path.” ...

  • 12 Monkeys Stars (2016)

    Interview: Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull [12 Monkeys] (2016)

    Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull are back for another season on SyFy’s hit series “12 Monkeys.” Host Veronica gets the details and tests the stars on how well they know each other. ...

  • Don Cheadle

    Interview: Don Cheadle (Miles Ahead)

    Don Cheadle takes on the challenge to produce, direct, co-write and star in “Miles Ahead,” a biographical film about the legendary jazz musician Miles Davis. ...

  • Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (2016)

    Interview: Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (Outlander) (2016)

    Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan return for their third appearance to talk about the long awaited, season 2 and they answer some fan questions. ...

  • Ken Jeong

    Interview: Ken Jeong (Dr. Ken)

    Get to know the man best known as Mr. Chow on “The Hangover” and Ben Chang on “Community.” Now, he created and starring in his own ABC Friday night comedy “Dr. Ken.” ...

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Latest Interviews

Latest Interviews

Latest Interviews

Special Features


Due to the recent loss of our video hosting provider, the following videos (only 12 random clips are shown at a time; press reload on your browser to view more) are available to view on SidewalksTV.com. The staff of "Sidewalks Entertainment" is adding more of our video archives in the weeks to come. Please check back often.

Interviews and Segments Available

Erin Andrews

Interview: Erin Andrews (2012)

Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews talks about being a sportscaster and how she wants to inspire women.

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Edward Burns

Interview: Edward Burns (Public Morals)

Edward Burns is a talent who can perform in front-and-behind the lens. He talks about his 1960s TNT cop drama, “Public Morals.”

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Louie Anderson

Interview: Louie Anderson

The one-and-only Louie Anderson appears on our show and is reunited with fellow stand-up comedian David Lew. They talk about his career and his acclaimed role as Zach Galifianakis’ mom on “Baskets.”

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Ricky Schroder

Interview: Ricky Schroder (The Fighting Season)

Acting since he was nine-year old, get re-introduced with the star of such classic shows such as “Silver Spoons” and “NYPD Blue.” 

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Interview: Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe (EepyBird)

They are known for dropping Mentos in bottles of Coke. Meet EepyBird’s wacky founders and performers, Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe.

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Illeana Douglas

Interview: Illeana Douglas

She’s a well-respected actress and producer in Hollywood. She talks to our Veronica about women filmmakers and hosting TCM’s “Trailblazing Women.”

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Michael Aron today (left) and his 1992 guest role in "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Interview: Michael Aron (Star Trek: TNG)

All-new interview with the actor who is fondly remembered for his guest role on “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  

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WWE's Daniel Bryan

Interview: WWE's Daniel Bryan

YES! YES! YES! A press conference with the WWE® Superstar. Plus, early footage of him wrestling with former competitor James Choi.

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JC Lee and her father Stan Lee

Interview: JC Lee (Stan Lee’s Love Story)

She’s Marvel Comic founder Stan Lee’s daughter and she has wrote a new book about her parents and living with the comic book legend.

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Bishop TD Jakes

Interview: Bishop T.D. Jakes (Miracles from Heaven)

The one-and-only Bishop T.D. Jakes comes to SIDEWALKS to talk about the hit film, “Miracles from Heaven.”

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Maria Bello

Interview: Maria Bello (Big Driver)

The lovely actress comes to SIDEWALKS and talks about her Lifetime movie, “Big Driver,” based on the book by Steven King.

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Ted Raimi

Interview: Ted Raimi

He has a huge acting resume and a fan favorite. We got a chance to talk with Ted Raimi on-location at Wizard World.

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