• George Benson and Al Jarreau

    Interview: George Benson and Al Jarreau

    In Memoriam: a look back our 2006 interview with the late Al Jarreau and George Benson, who, at that time, were making a CD together called “Givin’ It Up.” ...

  • Richard Hatch

    Interview: Richard Hatch (2007)

    In Memoriam: In this classic interview, actor Richard Hatch talked about his still popular version of “Battlestar Galactica” and what he hoped for. ...

  • Episde #747 - Ryan, Kyle and Carla

    Episode #747 – Ryan, Kyle and Carla

    SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro has two interviews with actors Kyle Gallner & Ryan Hurst of WGN America’s “Outsiders” and actress Carla Gugino from the film, “The Space Between Us.” ...

  • Episode #746 - Christina Ricci Returns

    Episode #746 – Christina Ricci Returns

    SIDEWALKS host Lori Rosales interviews returning guest Christina Ricci (Amazon’s “Z: The Beginning of Everything”). Plus, music by Ann-Derie (“Just Us”) and Anana Kaye (“Carolina”). ...

  • Episode #745 - New Edition Story and Ralph Tresvant

    Episode #745 – New Edition Story and Ralph Tresvant

    Interview with the actors from the BET’s miniseries, “The New Edition Story.” Plus, a look back at our 2006 interview with New Edition member Ralph Tresvant. ...

  • Episode #744 - Barry Sloane

    Episode #744 – Barry Sloane

    SIDEWALKS host Lori Rosales talks to actor / musician Barry Sloane about his starring role in the military drama, “SIX.” Plus, music by VAMA (“Ghosts At War”). ...

  • xXx Return of Xander Cage

    Review: xXx: Return of Xander Cage

    In 2006, Vin Diesel announced that he would be returning as Xander Cage in a second sequel. Finally, after years of changing film studios, directors and production schedules, “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” is finally here and our J.P. has his review. ...

  • Episode #743 - Toby Stephens

    Episode #743 – Toby Stephens

    SIDEWALKS host Lori Rosales interviews returning guest Toby Stephens about his epic Starz TV drama “Black Sails” and his upcoming “Lost In Space” role. Plus, music by Dyllan Murray featuring Kira Kosarin (“No Wrong Way”) and David Luning (“Gonna Forget About You”). Co-Host: Richard R. Lee. ...

  • Episode #742 - Dee Wallace

    Episode #742 – Dee Wallace

    SIDEWALKS Lori Rosales talks to actress Dee Wallace (“E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”) about her career and working on the Amazon family series, “Just Add Magic.” Plus, music by Kiesza (“Dearly Beloved”) and Schiller featuring Arlissa (“Not In Love”). Co-Host: Richard R. Lee. ...

  • Episode #741 - Ryan Phillippe

    Episode #741 – Ryan Phillippe

    SIDEWALKS host Lori Rosales talks to actor Ryan Phillippe about his career and his starring role on USA Network’s “Shooter.” Plus, music by Stevie Wonder featuring Ariana Grande (“Faith”), Noah Cyrus featuring Labrinth (“Make Me (Cry)”), and K’Valentine featuring BJ The Chicago Kid (“That’s Real”). Co-Host: Richard R. Lee. ...

Latest Interviews

Latest Interviews

  • William Katt - Greatest American Hero

    Interview: William Katt

    During our pending conversion to HD, we were waiting to show this interview in our new TV format. Recently, we discovered that our second chat with William Katt has never appeared. Join host Richard for a fun segment with TV’s “Greatest American Hero.”

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Latest Interviews

  • Carla Gugino

    Interview: Carla Gugino

    Carla Gugino has been working non-stop since her start in acting. Our Veronica gets a chance to interview Carla about her amazing career and her role in the romantic science fiction film, “The Space Between Us.”

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Latest Interviews

Kyle Gallner and Ryan Hurst - Outsiders

Interview: Kyle Gallner and Ryan Hurst

They are known as Hasil Farrell and “Lil Foster” on the hit series “Outsiders,” which currently is airing its second season on WGN America. Our Veronica has an in-depth with actors Kyle Gallner and Ryan Hurst with additional questions not seen on our TV episode.

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Christina Ricci

Interview: Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci returns to SIDEWALKS ENTERTAINMENT to talk about her new starring role as the love of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald in Amazon Prime’s “Z: The Beginning of Everything.”

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Toby Stephens

Interview: Toby Stephens

It’s the last season for the pirates of “Black Sails.” Captain Flint himself talks to us about working on the epic Starz’s series, which will begin its final season starting January 29th. Plus, Toby Stephens will also tell about his next role as John Robinson on Netflix’s “Lost in Space” reboot.

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Cast of The New Edition Story

Interview: Cast of The New Edition Story

They are the young stars playing New Edition in the much-anticipated miniseries, “The New Edition Story,” which aired as a six-hour, three-night event in late January on BET. Meet them now!

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Dee Wallace

Interview: Dee Wallace

She is in one of the most successful films of all time, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” Now, the adorable Dee Wallace is co-starring in Amazon Prime’s “Just Add Magic.”

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Barry Sloane

Interview: Barry Sloane

Meet actor Barry Sloane. In America, he was seen in “Revenge” and “The Whispers.” Now, he’s playing a member of SEAL Team Six in History’s military drama, “SIX.”

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Ryan Phillippe

Interview: Ryan Phillippe

For the first time on our TV show, Ryan Phillippe tells us about working on USA Network’s “Shooter,” his thoughts on “Cruel Intentions” and what made his mom very happy.

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Jermaine Dupri and Nova

Interview: Jermaine Dupri and Nova

Jermaine Dupri returns to SIDEWALKS to talk about season three of the hit Lifetime series, “The Rap Game.” Plus, he brings along one of the promising rappers, Nova.

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Alan Palmer and Rajia Baroudi

Interview: Alan Palmer and Rajia Baroudi

He was Corcus (The Black Aquitian Ranger) and she was Delphine (The White Aquitian Ranger) on “Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.” Meet Alan Palmer and Rajia Baroudi, the actors behind the alien masks.

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Ken Jeong and Suzy Nakamura

Interview: Ken Jeong and Suzy Nakamura

Ken Jeong returns to SIDEWALKS and he brings his TV wife, Suzy Nakamura. They talk about working together again and the “Dr. Ken” cast that includes Dave Foley and Tisha Campbell-Martin.

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Doc Phineas

Interview: Doc Phineas

He is one of the breakout stars on “Pawn Star.” Doc Phineas talks about working on the History Channel show, as well as his own time-traveling children show.

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Interview: Tenelle

Meet this wonderful, talented and lovely R&B and reggae singer. SIDEWALKS’ Richard has an up close interview with Tenelle. She’s a name you will be hearing more about in the music industry.

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Special Features


Popular Interviews

Ethan Hawke

Interview: Ethan Hawke (Sinister)

You have seen him in “Dead Poets Society,” “Reality Bites,” and “Training Day.” Actor Ethan Hawke takes on a scary role in his latest film, “Sinister.” 

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Alfonso Ribeiro

Interview: Alfonso Ribeiro on Sidewalks TV (2008)

In a classic interview, host Cindy Rhodes interviews the actor best known as Carlton Banks in the hit TV series, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

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Noah Wyle

Interview: Noah Wyle (Falling Skies) on Sidewalks TV (2013 Video)

The former “ER” doc is now saving humanity in the popular “Falling Skies” series. SIDEWALKS’ Cindy Rhodes talks to Noah Wyle.

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Christina Ricci

Interview: Christina Ricci (The Smurfs 2)

She’s voicing Vexy in “The Smurf 2.” Host Cindy Rhodes talks to Christina Ricci about the latest sequel and more!

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Kill The Messenger

Interview: Director Michael Cuesta (Kill The Messenger) on Sidewalks TV (2014 Video)

He directs the film “Kill The Messenger,” starring Jeremy Renner. Meet the director, who also helmed episodes of TV’s “Six Feet Under,” Homeland” and “Dexter.”

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Jason David Frank

Interview: Jason David Frank (Power Rangers) on Sidewalks TV (2015 Video)

We have a Green Ranger! Catch up with Jason David Frank, who was part of the original team of “Power Rangers.”

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Tamera and Tia Mowry

Interview: Tia and Tamera Mowry (Twintuition) on Sidewalks TV (2015 Video)

Two of the first celebrity guests to appear on the early SIDEWALKS series, the Mowry twins return for an interview together…20 years later. Host Cindy Rhodes once again talks to the former “Sister, Sister” stars about their new kids book series.

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American Pickers

Interview: Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz (American Pickers)

“They travel the back roads of America looking to buy rusty gold.” Meet the “American Pickers,” Mike and Frank.

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In Memoriam

Nell Carter

Interview: Nell Carter (1998)

In Memoriam: host Cindy Rhodes talked to the late actress about her career, how she handled her diabetes, and working on “Gimme A Break!”

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Harmon Killebrew

Interview: Harmon Killebrew (2007)

Homerun slugger Harmon Killebrew, who hit more than 500 home runs during his career, passed away after a battle with esophageal cancer on Tuesday, May 17, 2011. He was 74.

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Jackie Collins (1998)

Interview: Jackie Collins (1998)

We found an old video of our interview with the late author Jackie Collins.

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Garry Marshall

Interview: Garry Marshall

The world has lost a comedic legend. Just barely two months before his death, host Veronica Castro had the honor in interviewing this gentleman who helped change TV comedy. 

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