• John Cena - Patton Oswalt

    Updates on Patton Oswalt, John Cena

    SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS: Two of our previous guests — actor Patton Oswalt and WWE wrestler John Cena — have updates with their careers. ...

  • Veronica Castro

    Our Veronica in Honda Commercial

    “Sidewalks Entertainment” host Veronica Castro appears in a new Honda commercial. ...

  • Island Reggae Festival (60)

    Special Feature: Island Reggae Festival 2016

    The Sidewalks Entertainment team attended the 2016 Island Reggae Festival, a full day of performances and fun in San Jose, CA. ...

  • Star Trek actors

    Debate between ‘Star Trek’ actors over Sulu

    Online news sites are following the debate between “Star Trek” actors, including stars George Takei and Simon Pegg, over the change in the sexual orientation of the character of Sulu, the helmsman of the USS Enterprise. ...

  • Noel Neill

    Superman’s Noel Neill has passed away

    SIDEWALKS GUEST: Actress Noel Neill, who is best known as the second Lois Lane in the 1950s TV series “Adventures of Superman,” has died at the age 95. She passed away on July 3, 2016. ...

  • BoA

    Interview: BoA (2008)

    In 2008, SIDEWALKS was honored to have the very first English-speaking, United Sates TV interview with one of most popular international pop stars. Relive the segment with singer BoA. ...

  • Noah Gray-Cabey

    Noah Gray-Cabey joins Code Black

    SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS: Actor and former “Heroes” star Noah Gray-Cabey will be playing a doctor in a recurring role on CBS’ “Code Black.” ...

  • Richard R. Lee and Carolina Guzman

    Carolina Guzman makes her 1st TV appearance

    East Bay’s Carolina Guzman is starting her journalism career with her first TV appearance … on “Sidewalks Entertainment.” ...

  • Six Feet from the Edge

    Special Feature: Independent Filmmaking – Six Feet from the Edge

    SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro is involved with “Six Feet from the Edge,” a film where she plays Penelope. She reflects on independent filmmaking and meeting producer Paul Winston, who’s looking for help in completing his passion project through crowdfunding. ...

  • 12 Monkeys Stars (2016)

    12 Monkeys Renewed

    (SIDEWALKS GUESTS-RELATED NEWS) Good news! “12 Monkeys” has been renewed for a third season on SyFy. ...

  • Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts

    Special Feature: Jose Canseco Documentary Premiere

    Famed baseball player and former “Bash Brother” Jose Canseco returned to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the exclusive red carpet premiere of Bill McAdams Jr’s film,  “Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts.” SIDEWALKS has interviews with Canseco, the director, and the entire Q&A session following the screening. ...

  • Bryan Fuller

    Showrunner Bryan Fuller talks new ‘Star Trek’ series

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS) Media outlets such as Moviefone and Collider had a chance to ask new “Star Trek” showrunner Bryan Fuller questions about the upcoming “Trek” series that is being streamed on CBS All Access, starting in January 2017. ...

  • Alec Peters - Star Trek Axanar

    Special Feature: End of ‘Star Trek’ Fan Productions?

    SIDEWALKS host and producer Richard R. Lee on his thoughts on “Star Trek®” fan productions and the new guidelines that CBS / Paramount have decided on the future of “Star Trek” online video community. Plus, a look back at our 2014 interview with Alec Peters, the producer and writer of “Axanar,” the highly anticipated project ... ...

  • Regina King

    Regina King returning to ‘American Crime’

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS) According to Deadline Hollywood, Emmy®-winning actress Regina King has signed for a third season of the ABC anthology series, created by John Ridley (“12 Years a Slave”). ...

  • Eddie Redmayne

    Eddie Redmayne: A New Dad

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS) Congratulations to actor Eddie Redmayne and wife Hannah Bagshawe on the birth of their first child — a baby girl named Iris Mary Redmayne. ...

  • Like Crazy

    Anton Yelchin Dead at 27

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS) Sad news to hear that actor Anton Yelchin has died. ...

  • Rebecca Romijn & Christian Kane

    First season of ‘The Librarians’ coming to DVD

    [SIDEWALKS GUESTS-RELATED NEWS] TNT’s “The Librarians” is finally coming to DVD, as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be distributing the North America release of the first season of the weekly TV show, as well as the how-it-started TV-movie trilogy that starred our previous SIDEWALKS guest Noah Wylie. ...

  • Connie Britton

    Connie Britton’s ‘Nashville’ NOT Cancelled

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST RELATED NEWS) UPDATE! (6/10/16) “Nashville” is coming back. After ABC dropped the show, CMT has saved the program. At this time, there is no official news if Connie Britton will be returning, although she is reportedly under contract. ...

  • Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (2016)

    ‘Outlander’ Renewed for 2 more seasons

    (SIDEWALKS GUESTS-RELATED NEWS) Our previous guests Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan will be busy playing Clair and Jamie for at least two more seasons on “Outlander” as Starz has renewed the popular show for seasons three and four. ...

  • Lady Antebellum

    Lady Antebellum To Host ‘ACM Honors’

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS) Ten-time ACM Award-winning group Lady Antebellum will be hosting the “10th Annual ACM Honors,” which will be televised for the first time on TV. ...

  • The Miz

    ‘WWE Smackdown’ going LIVE

    (SIDEWALKS GUESTS-RELATED NEWS) According to WWE, some of the WWE’s Superstars, such as recent SIDEWALKS guests The Miz and Titus O’Neil, will be appearing on TV every Tuesday night as the sports entertainment company has announced that “Smackdown” is going to air LIVE on the USA Network. ...

  • Ewan McGregor with SIDEWALKS' Mika Abogado

    Ewan McGregor goes to ‘Fargo’

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS) Deadline Hollywood is reporting that our previous guest Ewan McGregor will be starring in the 3rd season of FX’s Emmy®-winning “Fargo.” ...

  • Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

    Kendra goes ‘Lost in Space’

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST NEWS) Our recent guest Kendra Wilkinson has a new music video featuring clips of the classic 60’s TV series “Lost in Space.” ...

  • Bradley James

    Bradley James’ ‘Damien” Cancelled

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST-RELATED NEWS) Sad news! TV Line is reporting that “Damien,” starring former “Merlin” star Bradley James, will not be getting a second season from A&E, due to low ratings. ...

  • Don Cheadle

    Don Cheadle’s ‘ House of Lies’ Cancelled

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST-RELATED NEWS) TV Line is reporting that “House of Lies” starring previous guest Don Cheadle, has been cancelled by Showtime. The show’s current fifth season will be its last. ...

  • Mandy Moore

    Mandy Moore’s ‘This Is Us’ is picked up by NBC

    (SIDEWALKS GUEST-RELATED NEWS) Our previous guest Mandy Moore will be a regular on TV this fall, as NBC has picked up drama “This Is Us” for Tuesday at 9PM (ET/PT) ...

Latest Interviews

  • 50 Cent and Omari Hardwick

    Interview: 50 Cent and Omari Hardwick

    Lori welcomes Omari Hardwick and rap superstar 50 Cent, the stars of Starz’s “Power,” which was just renewed for two more seasons. They tell us about the show and how 50 Cent brought it to television.

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Latest Interviews

Latest Interviews

Latest Interviews

Sammy Johnson with Lori Rosales

Interview: Sammy Johnson

Sammy Johnson, also known as Sammy J, is a rising international artist. Lori has a backstage interview with the singer and songwriter.

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Interview: Anuhea

Recorded backstage at the Island Reggae Festival, host Richard introduces us to the talented singer / songwriter from Maui. Meet the lovely Anuhea.

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Ricky Schroder (My Fighting Season)

Interview: Ricky Schroder (My Fighting Season)

Ricky Schroder returns to SIDEWALKS to discuss his new documentary “My Fighting Season,” a new 6-part series, seen on the AUDIENCE Network on DirecTV and AT&T uVerse, shows the lives of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan from their own body worn cameras.

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Kim Baker

Interview: Kim Barker

Meet Kim Barker, the real journalist that Tina Fey portrayed in the film “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” which is now available on BluRay and DVD.

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Latest Interviews

Erin and Sara Foster of "Barely Famous"

Interview: Erin and Sara Foster

The very funny sister team of Erin and Sara Foster are back for another season of episodes of “Barely Famous” on VH1.

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Criss Angel

Interview: Criss Angel

Criss Angel magically appears on SIDEWALKS. He talks about his new Las Vegas stage show, “Mindfreak LIVE,” and how you can support pediatric cancer research and treatment.

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Adam Duritz and Rob Thomas

Interview: Adam Duritz and Rob Thomas

The Counting Crows and Rob Thomas are going on tour. Host Veronica Castro talks to Crows’ Adam Duritz and Rob about coming together in this extended interview.

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Max Greenfield

Interview: Max Greenfield

He plays Schmidt weekly on Fox’s “New Girl.” Now, Max Greenfield is working along side Academy Award®-winning actress Sally Field in “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” which is available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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Interviews and Segments Available

The Miz

Interview: WWE’s The Miz on Sidewalks Entertainment (2016 Video)

“I’m Awesome!” The Miz comes to SIDEWALKS to talk about “Smackdown’s” latest move.

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Jason Silva

Interview: Jason Silva (Brain Games) (2013)

He makes the brain accessible and reveals its shortcomings. SIDEWALKS’ own Cindy Rhodes talks to “Brain Games” host, Jason Silva.

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Interview: Anuhea

Recorded backstage at the Island Reggae Festival, host Richard introduces us to the talented singer / songwriter from Maui. Meet the lovely Anuhea.

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Lorene Scafaria and Susan Sarandon

Interview: Susan Sarandon and Lorene Scafaria (The Meddler)

Veronica has an interview with the one-and-only Susan Sarandon and the talented Lorene Scafaria, the director of their new film, “The Meddler.”

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