Shawn Johnson

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Bridgit Mendler

Interview: Bridgit Mendler

“Good Luck Charlie’s” Bridgit Mendler comes to SIDEWALKS to talk about helping schools.

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Interview: Julie Bowen on Sidewalks TV (2011 video)

“Modern Family” star Julie Bowen talks about working on the hit ABC show and how she wants to help community centers around the country.

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Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas

Interview: Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas (Puss in Boots)

Part 2 of 2: Maaika talks to Salma and Antonio in a sit down interview. 

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Malin Akerman

Interview: Malin Akerman

In a classic interview, Malin Akerman (“Couples Retreat,” “The Proposal”) talked to Cindy about her busy career and the experience in filming the box office hit, “Watchmen.”

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John Turturro (1)

Interview: John Turturro (Fading Gigolo)

He is an actor, director and writer.  The talented performer is talking to Veronica about his latest film, “Fading Gigolo.”

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50/50 Press Junket

Interview: Seth Rogen with Will Reiser (50/50) on Sidewalks TV (2011 Video)

Seth Rogen and the real inspiration of “50/50,” Will Reiser, come to SIDEWALKS to talk about their film.

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John Benjamin Hickey

Interview: John Benjamin Hickey (Manhattan)

He stars in the new “Manhattan” series. Now, meet the actor in a Cindy Rhodes interview.

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Josh Gad

Interview: Josh Gad (Disney's Frozen)

He is having an incredible career so far. Now, his one dream is coming true: playing a voice character in a Disney animated film. Meet Josh Gad, the voice behind Olaf in “Frozen.”

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Music Stars

Naughty By Nature

Interview: Naughty By Nature on Sidewalks TV (Part 2 of two) (2011 video)

Naughty By Nature is seen in a two-part interview. On this page is Part 2, which has extended footage of the interview that was not seen on TV. 

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Spencer Day

Interview: Spencer Day (Bonus Footage, Part 1)

We have more with the singer / songwriter in Part 1 of brand new footage.

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Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz

Interview: Sleeping At Last, Aqualung, Lucy Schwartz (Twilight Red Carpet)

SIDEWALKS host Richard R. Lee interviews the musical performers from the film’s soundtrack. 

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Interview: Ashanti

The talented singer/actress drops by SIDEWALKS to talk about her music, acting, and her role in the Holiday film, “Christmas In The City.”

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Other Personalities

Daniel and Eugene Levy

Interview: Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy (Schitt's Creek)

Eugene is a legend in comedy from “SCTV” to “American Pie.” His son Daniel is known for being a MTV host. Now, the father-and-son duo are starring in the comedy “Schitt’s Creek.”

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Ghost Stalkers

Interview: John E.L. Tenney and Chad Lindberg (Ghost Stalkers)

Ghosts beware! There are “Ghost Stalkers” on TV. Host Cindy Rhodes introduces the investigators of the new weekly, paranormal series.

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Zhang Yimou

Interview: Zhang Yimou (The Flowers of War)

The award-winning director (“House of Flying Daggers,” “Hero,” and ”Raise the Red Lantern”) comes to SIDEWALKS to talk about his historical war film, “The Flowers of War.”

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Rupert Wyatt

Interview: Rupert Wyatt (The Gambler)

The “Rise of the Planet of Apes” director next feature was “The Gambler,” starring Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman and Jessica Lange. He talks about the film and the Blu Ray/DVD release.

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Classic Interviews

Kaley Cuoco

Interview: Kaley Cuoco

In this classic interview, Cindy talked to the star of “The Big Bang Theory.”

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Richard Hatch

Interview: Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica)

UPDATED! In this classic interview, Richard Hatch talked about his still popular version of “Battlestar Galactica” and what he hoped for.

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Laila Ali

Interview: Laila Ali

In this classic interview, SIDEWALKS host Rafael Siegel talked to the retired American professional boxer and TV personality.

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Ali Larter (2007)

Interview: Ali Larter

In this classic interview, host Rafael Siegel talked to the lovely actress best known for “Heroes,” “Varsity Blues,” and “Final Destination.”

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