• Episode 606 ("Maker Faire")

    Episode #606 – Maker Faire (Full Episode Video)

    In this special edition, SIDEWALKS hosts Veronica Castro and Richard R. Lee take a look at Maker Faire, a family-friendly tech festival of invention and creativity. Segments include Games of Drones and an interview with EepyBird’s Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe, who are best known for “The Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiments.” ...

  • Tomorrowland Poster

    Movie Review: Tomorrowland

    “Imagine a place where nothing is impossible…” George Clooney heads the cast of “Tomorrowland and our J.P. has his take on the Disney film. ...

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

    It’s the fourth film of the long-running “Mad Max” franchise. Our J.P. gives us his take on “Fury Road,” starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. ...

  • Maker Faire 2015

    Special Feature: Maker Faire 2015

    Maker Faire is a two day event for makers, held at the San Mateo County Event Center in the San Francisco Bay Area.  ...

  • Soon-TV


    Our TV show is now on Soon-TV, a new internet streaming TV station on the Roku lineup. ...

  • GTV

    GTV (Goffstown, NH)

    Viewers in Goffstown, New Hampshire can watch the show on Goffstown TV. ...

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    TBNK (Northern Kentucky)

    Viewers in Kenton County, Northern Kentucky can watch the show on TBNK-TV. ...

Latest Interviews

Latest Interviews

  • Ricky Schroder

    Interview: Ricky Schroder (The Fighting Season)

    Acting since he was nine-year old, the “Silver Spoons” and “NYPD Blue” star is now the creator and producer of “The Fighting Season,” a DIRECTV’s Audience Network documentary series that gives viewers an in depth look into the experiences of American soldiers in the war against Taliban insurgents and Al-Qaeda.

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Latest Interviews

Latest Interviews


Eva Longoria

Interview: Eva Longoria

The “Desperate Housewives” beauty tells SIDEWALKS’ Cindy Rhodes about her NEXT move and what she likes to do in her off times.

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Before Midnight

Interview: Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke (Before Midnight)

The director and stars of “Before Midnight” talk about the 3rd chapter of the film series.

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Claire Danes

Interview: Claire Danes

Just before she starred in the hit series “Homeland,” Cindy had a chance to interview the talented Claire Danes.

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Alan Powell and Ali Faulkner

Interview: Alan Powell and Ali Faulkner (The Song)

He’s in the pop band, Anthem Lights. She’s was in “Twilight.” Now, they are starring together in “The Song.”

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Timothy Spall

Interview: Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner)

Fans of “Harry Potter” know him as Peter Pettigrew. Meet the award-winning actor who is playing the famous British artist in “Mr. Turner.”

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The stars of Black Sails

Interview: Toby Stephens and Zach McGowan (Black Sails)

Meet the guys behind the pirates. We have a special interview on location in Cape Town, South Africa with the actors who play Captain James Flint and Charles Vane on Starz’s hit series “Black Sails.”

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Kevin Hart

Interview: Kevin Hart (Think Like A Man Too)

At a red carpet premiere in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kevin talks career and new sequel to correspondent Birsen.

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Ethan Hawke

Interview: Ethan Hawke (Sinister)

You have seen him in “Dead Poets Society,” “Reality Bites,” and “Training Day.” Actor Ethan Hawke takes on a scary role in his latest film, “Sinister.” 

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Music Stars

Carlos Santana

Interview: Carlos Santana

Finally! After numerous attempts for over 20 years, Carlos Santana is an official guest on SIDEWALKS. Host Cindy Rhodes talks to him about his autobiography, “The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light.” Plus, relive some of his music.

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Kidz Bop Kids

Interview: Kidz Bop Kids

Jayna and Matt come to SIDEWALKS and talk about the phenomenon of Kidz Bop. Plus, watch some of their music videos!

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Katie Armiger

Interview: Katie Armiger on Sidewalks TV (2011 Video)

She’s a rising star in the country music scene. SIDEWALKS host Maaika Westen talks to singer Katie Armiger in an exclusive three-part interview.

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Bridgit Mendler

Interview: Bridgit Mendler

“Good Luck Charlie’s” Bridgit Mendler comes to SIDEWALKS to talk about helping schools.

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Sports Stars

Sloane Stephens

Interview: Sloane Stephens

She’s a professional tennis player currently ranked #16 in the world. She became an overnight sensation after defeating Serena Williams at the 2013 Australian Open. Meet Sloane Stephens.

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Booker T

Interview: WWE's Booker T

“Can you dig that, Sucka!” Host Richard talks to the wrestling champion. Plus, check out some highlight videos of his amazing career.

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WWE's Daniel Bryan

Interview: WWE's Daniel Bryan

YES! YES! YES! A press conference with the WWE® Superstar. Plus, early footage of him wrestling with former competitor James Choi.

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Stacy Keibler

Interview: Stacy Keibler

The lovely model / actress talks about her career from wrestling to ‘Dancing with The Stars.’  Meet Stacy Keibler.

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Other Personalities

Michael Gunton

Interview: filmmaker Michael Gunton (One Life & Africa)

Meet Michael Gunton, the co-director of the feature film documentary “One Life.”  He tells us about the making of the film and why he picked “James Bond” actor Daniel Craig to be the narrator. 

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Stacy Keibler

Interview: Stacy Keibler (Supermarket Superstar)

She’s back! Stacy returns to SIDEWALKS and tells about her new Lifetime series, “Supermarket Superstar.”

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Tamera and Tia Mowry

Interview: Tia and Tamera Mowry (Twintuition)

Two of the first celebrity guests to appear on the early SIDEWALKS series, the Mowry twins return for an interview together…20 years later. Host Cindy Rhodes once again talks to the former “Sister, Sister” stars about their new kids book series.

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Director Robert Lorenz (center) with videographer J.P. Langston (right) and host Richard R. Lee

Interview: Robert Lorenz (Trouble With The Curve)

He has worked with Clint Eastwood behind-the-scenes for close to 20 years. Now, he is directing the actor in the feature film, “Trouble With The Curve.”

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Classic Interviews

Kaley Cuoco

Interview: Kaley Cuoco

In this classic interview, Cindy talked to the star of “The Big Bang Theory.”

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Nell Carter

Interview: Nell Carter

In this classic interview, host Cindy Rhodes talked to the late actress about her career, how she handled her diabetes, and working on “Gimme A Break!”

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Marina Sirtis

Interview: Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: TNG)

In this classic interview, host Richard R. Lee interviewed actress Marina Sirtis (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”).

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Lori Loughlin

Interview: Lori Loughlin

In this classic interview, Cindy talked to “Full House’s” Aunt Becky, better known as the lovely Lori Loughlin.

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