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6:30PM starting September 13th

KCRT Air Times
(Two different episodes per day):

Show #1: 12:30AM and 6:30PM
Show #2: 7AM and 11:30PM

In the early '90s, selected national music videos were added to the ambitious lineup of the original Sidewalks series.

As more music videos became available to the weekly production, creator/producer Richard R. Lee decided to launch a spinoff series to handle the extra load of music clips. Sidewalks: Video Nite was born -- as a separate program that would present "30 minutes of music from your favorite artists."

The music clips are provided by numerous record companies and independent distributors, such as Warner Bros. Records, Capitol Records, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Columbia Records, Virgin Records, Universal Music Group, Island Def Jam Music Group, Vis-Ability, AristoMedia, RCA Records, A&M Records, Interscope Records, J Records, Atlantic Records, Epic Records, Wind-up Records, Mercury Records, Reprise Records, Telemotion, and many others.

Video Nite screen captures
In previous seasons, viewers or Sidewalks' on-air personalities from Dee Jones to Richard hosted the episodes. The current version of Video Nite consists of 30 minutes of back-to-back music videos in its complete, uncut versions. No shout outs. No annoying "Tonight at 10pm" graphics. No countdowns. Just the music.

From 1999-2004, Sidewalks was a member of CVC Report, an industry magazine and main music video tracking service in New York. In 2005, Sidewalks joined the short-lived IMV Report, an internet-based tracking service replacing the demise of CVC. Later in 2005, Sidewalks became reporters for Frame Magazine and Music Video Press.

Video Nite
is seen as a regular entry on KCRT-TV (as part of an entertainment block with the regular Sidewalks series) or as an occasional special, telecasted during the Sidewalks time slot on other affiliated stations.

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For additional information about Sidewalks: Video Nite, please visit our section. 


Sidewalks: Video Nite
plays the best in pop, rock, R&B, country, adult contemporary, and jazz.

Hosted by Dee Jones and Mel Menefee, our first Sidewalks: Video Nite episode premiered in 1992 as a Rap / R&B edition. The videos were: Deshay featuring Curly ("Funny Feelin'"), Snap ("The Colour of Love"), Highland Place Mobsters ("Let's Get Naked"), Ho Frat Ho ("Ho Frat Swing") and Hammer ("2 Legit 2 Quit").


 Sidewalks: Video Nite is produced and edited by
Richard R. Lee.


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