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A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Veronica Castro is known to TV audiences for hosting the pop-culture, Emmy®-Award-winning series, “Latin Eyes.” As a travel and pop-culture enthusiast, she can also be seen hosting various web shows and reporting at red carpet events.

Special Feature: Chef Janice Dulce and FOB Kitchen

Veronica and David introduce to us a pop-up kitchen and a rising chef in San Francisco. Meet Chef Janice Dulce and her F.O.B. Kitchen.

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Special Feature: Independent Filmmaking – Six Feet from the Edge

Six Feet from the Edge

SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro is involved with “Six Feet from the Edge,” a film where she plays Penelope. She reflects on independent filmmaking and meeting producer Paul Winston, who’s looking for help in completing his passion project through crowdfunding.

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Special Feature: Bethany Mota

Bethany Mota hug

Would you wait outside a mall at 2 A.M. to meet Bethany Mota? Well, thousands of fans did. Host Veronica Castro experiences first hand the power of Mota-vators!

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Movie Review: The Host

The Host

You have seen our “The Host” interviews with Jake Abel and Max Irons. Now, SIDEWALKS’ Veronica Castro gives us her take on the film itself.

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