ICAM (Ipswich, MA)

    Viewers in Ipswich, Massachusetts can now watch SIDEWALKS ENTERTAINMENT on Ipswich Community Access Media’s Educational channel. ...

  • Stars of Sesame Street -Emilio Delgado, Roscoe Orman, and Bob McGrath

    Special Feature: Stars of Sesame Street

    At Silicon Valley Comic Con, SIDEWALKS ENTERTAINMENT had the only on-camera interviews with the longtime human cast members of PBS’ and HBO’s “Sesame Street.” Host Richard R. Lee talks to actor Emilio Delgado (who plays Luis), Roscoe Orman (Gordon) and Bob McGrath (Bob). Plus, we take a look back at our interview with Elmo and ... ...

  • Episode #802 - Chad Smith and Taylor Hawkins

    Episode #802 – Chad Smith and Taylor Hawkins

    SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro talks to Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters (PBS’ “Foo Fighters –LANDMARKS Live in Concert: A Great Performances Special”). Plus, music by Russell Dickerson (“Yours”) and the TV premiere of the music video, “Wants What It Wants,” by Indigo Summer. Co-Host: Richard R. Lee. ...

  • Review: Thor: Ragnarok

    Following 2011’s “Thor” and 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World,” the crown prince of Asgard (Chris Hemsworth) returns for another solo outing with “Avenger” buddy Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). Our superhero fan J.P. gives his thoughts on “Thor: Ragnarok.” ...

  • Episode #801 - Cyndi Lauper

    Episode #801 – Cyndi Lauper

    SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro interviews singer Cyndi Lauper and her dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Weinberg about Cyndi’s battle with plaque psoriasis. Plus, music by Sarah Dunn Band (“Figure It Out”). Announcer: Richard R. Lee. ...

  • Episode #800 - Supa Peach - Version 2

    Episode #800 – Supa Peach

    SIDEWALKS correspondent Francheska Arroyo interviews rapper and previous “The Rap Game” contestant Supa Peach. Plus, music by: Kevin Ross (“Don’t Go”), Supa Peach (“Numero Uno”) and Serayah featuring Jazze Pha (“Driving Me”). Host: Richard R. Lee. ...

  • Teddy Geiger

    Interview: Teddy Geiger (2006)

    Back in 2006, we had the opportunity to interview the rising singer in San Francisco. Since then, Teddy Geiger has been writing some of the biggest hits for other popular singers, including Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches,” “Treat You Better,” “Mercy,” and “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.” ...

  • Episode #799 - Stars of Sesame Street

    Episode #799 – Stars of Sesame Street

    From Silicon Valley Comic Con, host Richard R. Lee has exclusive interviews with three of the longtime human stars of “Sesame Street”: Emilio Delgado (plays Luis), Roscoe Orman (Gordon) and Bob McGrath (Bob). ...

  • Episode #798 - Brian Goodman

    Episode #798 – Brian Goodman

    SIDEWALKS host Veronica Castro interviews actor / director Brian Goodman (Hulu’s “Chance”). Plus, footage of Navy’s Blue Angels and music by Rebecca Correia (“Solid Ground”) and Falling Through April (“Desperate Measures”). ...

  • Denver 8

    Denver 8 (Denver, CO)

    Viewers in Denver, Colorado can now watch SIDEWALKS ENTERTAINMENT on Denver 8. ...

Latest Interviews

  • Supa Peach

    Interview: Supa Peach

    Guest Correspondent Francheska Arroyo talks to Supa Peach, a rising singer, rapper, actress and model, who is known for social media and being a contestant during the first season of Lifetime’s “The Rap Game.”

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Latest Interviews

Latest Interviews

  • Cyndi Lauper

    Interview: Cyndi Lauper

    We are honored to have the pop music icon on SIDEWALKS ENTERTAINMENT. Cyndi Lauper (and her dermatologist) comes to our show to talk about her personal struggle with plaque psoriasis.

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Latest Interviews

Brian Goodman

Interview: Brian Goodman

An actor and director, Brian Goodman has been making a name for himself in Hollywood. He comes to our TV show to talk about playing Detective Kevin Hynes in “Chance,” now streaming its second season on Hulu.

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Christina Milian [2017]

Interview: Christina Milian (2017)

The lovely Christina Milian returns to SIDEWALKS to talk about being a part of the Def Jam legacy and her new MTV show, “90’s House.”

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Patrick Duffy

Interview: Patrick Duffy

Hulu has brought back several classic comedies from ABC’s popular “TGIF” banner. TV-dad Patrick Duffy comes to our show to talk about his popular “Step By Step” series, which is now available for streaming for the first time. Plus, he tells us about a famous sci-fi role he never got.

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Roma Downey (2017)

Interview: Roma Downey (2017)

The lovely Roma Downey returns to SIDEWALKS and tell us about her latest project, LightWorkers.com, a new website and digital content platform that will inspire and brighten the world through uplifting, positive storytelling and entertainment.

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Zach King

Interview: Zach King

With more than 25 million followers across his various social platforms and 350 million views across YouTube, Zach King is one of the hottest personalities in digital media. He comes to SIDEWALKS to talk about his career and his new book, “Zach King: My Magical Life.”

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Interview: Hector Elizondo (2017)

Acclaimed actor Hector Elizondo has been in hundreds of hit movies and TV shows. He returns to SIDEWALKS to discuss a new brain health campaign.

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Sam J Jones

Interview: Sam J. Jones

From Silicon Valley Comic Con, host Richard got an up-close interview with Sam J. Jones, the actor who is best known for “Flash Gordon” and “Ted.”

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Jenna Bush Hager

Interview: Jenna Bush Hager

With two U.S. presidents in her family, Jenna Bush Hager is making her mark. A current “Today” show correspondent, she comes to SIDEWALKS to talk about school bus safety and for better buses for our kids.

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Interview: Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch

Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch join our Lori to talk about their new film, “American Assassin,” which co-stars Michael Keaton and Sanaa Lathan.

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Chandler Juliet

Full Episode: Chandler Juliet

She’s a rising pop singer from Los Angeles. Host Richard gets an upclose interview with Chandler Juliet. Plus, the TV debut of her music videos and an exclusive online interview.

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Jeremy Renner

Interview: Jeremy Renner

He is a fan favorite in films, such as “The Avengers,” “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters,” and “The Bourne Legacy.” Now, Jeremy Renner is starring in “Wind River.”

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Jonathan and Drew Scott

Interview: Jonathan and Drew Scott

The “Property Brothers” are more than home renovators. Host Veronica Castro talks to Jonathan and Drew Scott about their rising musical careers and their memoir, “It Takes Two: Our Story.”

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Special Features


Popular Interviews

Carlos Santana

Interview: Carlos Santana on Sidewalks TV (2014 Video)

Finally! After numerous attempts for over 20 years, Carlos Santana is an official guest on SIDEWALKS. Host Cindy Rhodes talks to him about his autobiography, “The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story to Light.” Plus, relive some of his music.

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Debbie Reynolds

Interview: Debbie Reynolds (2002)

Truly an honor to have her on our TV show. We found a copy of our 2002 interview with the legendary actress, Debbie Reynolds. Sadly, she passed away on December 28, 2016.

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Alfonso Ribeiro

Interview: Alfonso Ribeiro on Sidewalks TV (2008)

In a classic interview, host Cindy Rhodes interviews the actor best known as Carlton Banks in the hit TV series, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

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Gael Garcia Bernal and Jonas Cuaron (Desierto)

Interview: Gael Garcia Bernal and Jonas Cuaron (Desierto)

Actor Gael Garcia Bernal and director Jonas Cuaron come to SIDEWALKS to talk about their dramatic thriller film, “Desierto.”

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Sean Patrick Flanery (1994)

Interview: Sean Patrick Flanery (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) on Sidewalks TV (1994 Video)

FLASHBACK! Requested by his fans, here’s the original 1994 interview with Sean Patrick Flanery when he was starring in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.”

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Nichelle Nichols

Interview: Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek)

Her participation in “Star Trek” helped changed the landscape of acting and made her a role model. Host Richard gets the honor to interview the one-and-only Nichelle Nichols, the original Lt. Uhura.

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KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui - Shut Eye

Interview: KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui (Shut Eye)

The lovely KaDee Strickland and Emmanuelle Chriqui are the ladies of Hulu’s “Shut Eye.” They talk to our own Veronica Castro about their roles on the Les Bohem-created series and their first auditions.

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Nate Berkus

Interview: Nate Berkus

Interior designer, television host and author Nate Berkus comes to SIDEWALKS for the first time. He talks to our Veronica about “Oprah,” personalizing your kitchen, and more.

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Special Feature: Wizard World – Meet the Artists, Part 1

Recorded at Wizard World Sacramento, meet some new artists and their amazing projects.

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Gren Wells - The Road Within 2

Interview: Gren Wells (The Road Within) on Sidewalks TV (2014 Video)

Host Veronica Castro talks to the director of “The Road Within,” a film starring Dev Patel, Robert Sheehan, Zoe Kravitz, Kyra Sedgwick, and Robert Patrick.

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Sense8-J Michael Straczynski-Daryl Hannah

Interview: J. Michael Straczynski with Daryl Hannah (Sense8) on Sidewalks TV (2015 Video)

He’s a well respected writer and producer, who created the popular sci-fi series “Babylon 5.” She is foundly remembered for “Splash,” “Steel Magnolias,” and “Kill Bill.” They talk about the Netflix series, “Sense 8.”

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Richard Linklater (2016)

Interview: Richard Linklater (Everybody Wants Some!!)

The “Boyhood” director returns to SIDEWALKS and talks about his next project: a film about college baseball players in the 1980s.

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In Memoriam

Richard Hatch

Interview: Richard Hatch (2007)

In Memoriam: In this classic interview, actor Richard Hatch talked about his still popular version of “Battlestar Galactica” and what he hoped for.

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Garry Marshall

Interview: Garry Marshall

The world has lost a comedic legend. Just barely two months before his death, host Veronica Castro had the honor in interviewing this gentleman who helped change TV comedy. 

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Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones

Interview: Anton Yelchin

In Memoriam: Actor Anton Yelchin appeared in a 2011 Interview with co-star Felicity Jones and director Drake Doremus for the film, “Like Crazy.”

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Debbie Reynolds

Interview: Debbie Reynolds (2002)

Truly an honor to have her on our TV show. We found a copy of our 2002 interview with the legendary actress, Debbie Reynolds. Sadly, she passed away on December 28, 2016.

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